facebook pic  Grief is a normal and natural reaction to the death of a loved one or the separation from someone we have treasured in life. It is a journey which can be devastating, frightening, and lonely without adequate nurture and support.We can think, do, or even say things that are most unlike us and yet, in grief, are very much part of our normal reaction. Since it is unlikely that any two people will grieve alike, we cannot label anyone’s reaction as being abnormal or neurotic. Each person will grieve in a way this right for him/her but they must understand and accept each other’s unique way.


Ten Commandments for the Bereaved

  1. Take time to let go
  2. Take time to make decisions
  3. Take time to accept death
  4. Take time to share
  5. Take time to believe
  6. Take time to forgive
  7. Take time to feel good about yourself
  8. Take time to meet new friends
  9. Take time to laugh
  10. Take time to give

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