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Memorial Slideshows

Tasteful Transitions

Holy Cross Funerals have partnered with Tasteful Transitions to provide Memorial Slideshows for your loved one.

Once you have decided which photos you would like to use, Tasteful Transitions meet with you in your home to discuss your loved one. As we talk, their story emerges through the photographic time line.

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Tasteful Transitions will…

  • Take your photos to re-photograph and enhance the images.
  • Personalise your slideshow through your choice of song, depiction of their hobbies or pastimes and photos of objects they were remembered for like their hat, bowling trophies or the garden they loved.
  • Sequence all of this together to create their story.
  • Host your slideshow on our website for you to view and ensure it is ready to burn to DVD.
  • Complete all of this and return your slideshow in 36 hours.

You will receive…

  • Your slideshow hosted on our website under a password for you to share with friends and family worldwide
  • A password so anyone you share this with can download their own copy to their computer
  • Your slideshow presented to you on DVD in a black or white leather case
  • Your slideshow on USB with digital copies of all the retouched photos and any extra photos taken by Tasteful Transitions

Tasteful  Transitions can help you create an accurate and strong representation of your loved one and times together. Using this service to assemble family memories can assist in relieving stress. This will allow you to spend quality time with family during this emotional period.

If you choose to create your slideshow yourself, the following steps may be helpful:


  • Allocate one person to create the slideshow of your loved one.
  • You may need to contact family or friends who may have photos you would like included.
  • If these are already in a digital format suggest these be sent to your email address.
  • Put all photos in a folder on your desktop.
  • Choose the photos you want to be included. Hard copies of photos will need to be scanned.
  • Choose a song or some music to put with your slideshow.
  • Check what format the venue uses to play the slideshow. Most places use a DVD.
  • Windows and Mac computers use different software. Use the software that you are most familiar with.
  • Burn the slideshow to DVD. It is always a good idea to check your DVD plays at the venue before the day of the funeral.


If you choose to create the slideshow yourself, we recommend that you allow the best part of two to three days to create the slideshow.

To arrange your slideshow, click here to contact Tasteful Transitions.