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New Beginnings – Grief & Bereavement

New Beginnings – Grief & Bereavement

New Beginnings – Grief & Bereavement

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How Can I Help the Bereaved?


  • Be Aware: remember that grief is normal and necessary.
  • Be There: learn to be with the person; without trying to solve the problem.
  • Be Sensitive: allow the pain; don’t try to take it away.
  • Be Human: allow expressions of feelings (guilt, anger, sorry, etc) without judgement.
  • Be Ready: to listen when the story is told over and over again.
  • Be Patient: remember that the process of mourning takes time.
  • Avoid Clichés: “Their suffering is over”, “It’s God’s will”, “You’re young enough to have another child.” It’s better to say nothing than to use clichés.

Holy Cross Funerals offers grief counselling services to their clients, with the first consultation free of charge. Click here to read more.
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