When a family experiences the heartache and difficulty of the loss of a loved one, funeral arrangements can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Organising for a prepaid funeral can lighten some of that burden and relieve your family in a time of sorrow.

Planning for the future is a prudent approach

Nobody likes to think about it, but the fact remains that we are only on this earth for a short time. Pre-arranging a funeral is no different from saving for a holiday or putting money away for an investment. Pre-planning a funeral is a logical and sensitive way to ensure your passing can be celebrated with as little stress possible on the ones who love you. Our professional and helpful funeral director can guide you in completing the appropriate paperwork – nothing morbid or sad, just like filling out a will – practical, sensible and easy.

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Pre-Arrange a Funeral

Holy Cross Pre-arranged Funerals ensure you have the funeral you want

Many people have personal requirements or guidelines they would like their funeral to follow. Often this is something that’s thought about in passing and not discussed with loved ones or family. Pre-arranging a funeral gives your family the ability to follow your wishes as they are outlined in your pre- arrangement funeral documentation.

Sureplan Funeral Insurance

Sureplan insurance logoSureplan has managed funeral funds since 1935 and understands what is required when a family loses a love one. That is why Sureplan pays the funeral benefit within 24 hours of being advised as to the passing of a member as we know this relieves the financial stress for the family. In 1999 Sureplan launched a funeral savings fund called Sureplan Gold that had been designed specifically to cater for the needs of people who wanted to pre-fund their funeral. Sureplan Gold is a funeral bond with some unique attributes:

  • Save and Secure: Only invests in “AA” rated or Government guaranteed investments.
  • Solid and Predictable: The bonus rates for the 2012 and 2013 financial years were 4.7% and 3.5% pa respectively.
  • Low-cost Fees: No entry or exit fees – (note that any bonus credited will be reversed if policy matures within first 12 months)
  • Pension Advantages: Bonuses not subject to Incomes and Assets test.
  • Prompt Payment: The benefit is paid within 24 hours of Sureplan receiving advice and confirmation of death.

Sureplan also has available a funeral insurance plan that is a cost-effective way for people aged 55 and under to provide for their funeral….

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